Co-organizers and judges share their impressions on Ukrainian Young Book Design Awards 2021

The Ukrainian Young Book Design Awards (UYBDA) had been set up to discover the most talented book designers. A contest that united hundreds designers from all over the world. This year each participant had the opportunity to submit their work in five nominations: Cover, Illustrations, Layout, General Concept and special Tic Tac® Fresh Concept category. Young professionals from 14 to 30 years old, regardless of their specialization, nationality or country of residence participated in the contest for free.

Osnovy Publishing House alongside with L/Y Studio (ex launched the first Ukrainian Young Book Design Awards in 2019. And 3 people became the main organizers: Dmytro Yarynych, founder of L/Y design studio and co-founder of Ukrainian Young Book Design Awards, Anna Kopylova, art director of Osnovy Publishing and Dana Pavlychko, the director of Osnovy Publishing and also the founder of Ukrainian Young Book Design Awards.

Dana Pavlychko, the director of Osnovy Publishing
Anna Kopylova, art director at Osnovy Publishing

Every year we strive to create new conditions and categories so that there are as many opportunities for creativity as possible. This year’s special category — Tic Tac® Fresh Concept. When many people think of a Tic Tac®, a few things come to mind. If it could be the container, it could be the shaking sound or it could be that burst of refreshment from enjoying it. Over the years, the brand has evolved but a few things stayed the same and it has never lost its identity. Blending the familiar and the new, Tic Tac® invited our participants to portray the meaning of a book they love in a single image. The main purpose of the category is to refresh the meanings of long-known books, to present the power of book design in a new way, and to draw attention to the important ideas that books broadcast to us. After all, the ability to find new ways of looking at familiar things is a super-skill for any designer. And when it comes to book design, this skill makes even more sense, because established impressions of the book you’ve read can prevent you from seeing other meanings and meanings in the author’s ideas.  The winner of this nomination receives a year’s supply of freshness from Tic Tac® and a $1,000 prize for professional creative development.

We are extremely pleased to congratulate our participants on being shortlisted in Tic Tac ® Fresh Concept:

Yuliia Danylova (Ukraine) and her Robinson Crusoe’s witty Poster about a tension between society and individuality.

Sophia Suliy (Ukraine) with Alice in Wonderland — poster about the story that helped her a lot when she was a kid.

Anastasiia Mazurok (Ukraine) and her Josef Brodsky Mood Poster about her personal perception of Brodsky and his work. 

Valeria Zinevska (Ukraine) and her Little Red Riding Hood — poster about the relevance of the theme and morals of the tale for our time. 

Olha Cherniakova (Ukraine) with the work “The daring ones are always lucky” about her beloved book by Ivan Bahriany “The hunters and the hunted’. 

Congratulations to the winner of Tic Tac ® Fresh Concept nomination — Sophia Suliy (Alice in Wonderland)

Check out the official site of the UYBDA 2021 our YouTube andTic Tac ® Website.

If you want to keep up with news and information about the competition then follow the UYBDA on social media: Facebook and Instagram.

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