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History of Osnovy publishing

In its thirty-year history, Osnovy published more than 400 different titles, from universally acclaimed fiction to numerous fundamental works in history, philosophy, and sociology.

Our story begins in 1992 when Bohdan Krawchenko and Solomiya Pavlychko founded Osnovy Publishing in Kyiv. Osnovy immediately set out to provide the readers of an independent Ukraine with high-quality translations of the world’s classics and worldwide acclaimed textbooks.

We were among the first in Ukraine to translate modern textbooks on economics, history, and philosophy. Back in 2001, we published our first best-selling book in translation Europe: A History written by Norman Davies, professor at University College London and fellow at Oxford University.

And as for today, the book has already gone through nine editions!  

By cooperating with talented translators, we have created our World Classics series that brings together the work recognized as having a lasting influence from writers around the world. From Aristotle to Shakespeare, William Golding to Hisaki Matsuura and Jack Kerouac, the series tends to provide Ukrainian readers with the very best of world literature.

The Next Stage for Osnovy Publishing 

In 2010 Dana Pavlychko joined Osnovy Publishing. And as the new head of the publishing house, she rebranded Osnovy and changed the company’s approach to book publishing. Now Osnovy is known for its forward-thinking approach. We consider a book to be a work of art. We want all our editions to be art objects that you should enjoy at first glance.

We are proud of our photography books,  Soviet Modernism. Brutalism. Post-Modernism and Decommunized: Ukrainian Soviet Mosaics, which lets you explore the architecture of Soviet and contemporary Ukraine. Our Balcony Chic series is also a significant book; it is about the unique architectural phenomenon of Ukrainian makeshift balconies. The Awesome series consists of seven English editions about Ukraine: Ukraine (the book about national dishes, historical facts, symbols, mythology, pop-culture, etc.), Digital Ukraine (the first book on Ukraine’s contribution to the worldwide IT-development) and five more books about Ukrainian cities of Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and Dnipro.

More of our English editions like Kateryna by Taras Shevchenko and The Art of the Ukrainian Sixties can be found in bookshops in Great Britain, Portugal or Germany. Weare regularly written about by Ukrainian and world media, and we reach over 500,000 readers per month.

Back in 2019, alongside design studio L/Y (ex Hooga) we launched the first Ukrainian Young Book Design Awards. We want to foster young talent in book design. UYBDA is more than a competition for book designers. We aim to support talented designers and illustrators and provide them with an opportunity to share their vision with the world and push the industry forward. 


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