History of Osnovy publishing

In more than twenty years of Osnovy published more than 300 books.

Osnovy Publishing was founded by Bohdan Krawchenko and Solomiya Pavlychko in Kyiv in 1992. Over the past twenty years, Osnovy published over three hundred titles. Today, Osnovy makes books with unique content and design, conceived and created by Ukrainian authors, designers and illustrators. From beautifully crafted coffee table books to a range of children’s books and fun travel guides.

In 2001, we published our first bestseller — "Europe. History" by Norman Davis, Professor of the University of London. This monumental work is currently in its’ seventh edition. Engaging talented translators, Osnovy has published world classics: Aristotle, W. Shakespeare, W. Golding, H. Matsuura, J. Kerouac and other important authors from antiquity to the present day.

We take a true pride in translating world classics into Ukrainian

Osnovy today

Since 2010 until now Osnovy Publishing has been run by Dana Pavlychko. Osnovy rebranded and changed the approach to publishing books. We all believe that the creation of a book is a special form of art. Therefore, all our books are true art objects.

Above all we are proud of our own original publications. For example, on our website, you can find series of the English language Awesome Ukraine guidebooks and the Ukrainian Erotic Photography photobook.

But most of all we are proud of our own original publications.

For example, at our website, you can find a series of English-speaking guidebooks "Awesome" and "Ukrainian Erotic Photography" photobook.


Markus Brunnermeier, Harold James & Jean-Pierre Landau

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Oleksandr Burlaka

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Stefan Hertmans

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