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Hanna Kopylova, Bohdana Pavlychko

The purpose of the publication is to present Ukraine without pathos, with irony and with healthy patriotism.

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Awesome Kyiv and Awesome Ukraine

As the title suggests, Awesome Ukraine is more than a guide! Simply put, it is all that is awesome about Ukraine - from national dishes, to historical facts, symbols, mythology, popular culture and much more. This book has a highly stylized design and a unique layout with photos spanning the decades. In it you will find explanations as to: why our national symbols are the blue and yellow flag and the tryzub; why Ukrainians are sentimental towards the nightingale, vyshyvanka and salo; why we are proud of Pylyp Orlyk, Serge Lifar, the Klychko brothers and the AN-225 "Mriya" airplane; why Kazantyp has attracted young people for years; and why the centre of Europe is located in Zakarpattia Oblast.

Hanna Kopylova, Bohdana Pavlychko

Bohdana Pavlychko is a Ukrainian publisher, the director of the Osnovy Publishing

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