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Hanna Kopylova, Bohdana Pavlychko

Awesome Kyiv and Awesome Ukraine is your everything you need to know about this hot tourist destination.

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Awesome Kyiv and Awesome Ukraine

Inside Awesome Ukraine and Awesome Kyiv you will find:

  • Chapters on history, culture, food, places, nature, sports, technology;
  • Gorgeous photos and images throughout the book;
  • Beautiful layout;
  • Insightful and short texts explaining interesting things you need to know about Ukraine and its capital, including historical and cultural context;
  • Fun facts.

  • As the title suggests, Awesome Ukraine is more than a guide! Simply put, it is all that is awesome about Ukraine - from national dishes, to historical facts, symbols, mythology, popular culture and much more. This book has a highly stylized design and a unique layout with photos spanning the decades. In it you will find explanations as to: why our national symbols are the blue and yellow flag and the tryzub; why Ukrainians are sentimental towards the nightingale, vyshyvanka and salo; why we are proud of Pylyp Orlyk, Serge Lifar, the Klychko brothers and the AN-225 "Mriya" airplane; and why the centre of Europe is located in Zakarpattia Oblast.

    Exploding with culture, Kyiv has become a hot travel destination. Across Kyiv’s numerous squares, locals debate politics, play chess and gossip. Its layered history, lush parks and hidden islands along the wide Dnipro provide for endless exploration. Its tree-lined promenades entice lovers to stroll, and revelers to gawk. It’s a city of flaneurs. Of poets. Of politics.

    Our Kyiv travel guide covers things only true Kyivans know. Written by local experts, our book is not truly a guide, nor is it a manual. It’s an insight and love-letter to the city we adore, designed to give you the best chance at adoring it, too. Unlike other Kiev travel books, we’ve designed it in full color, mirroring the richness the city has to offer.

    About The Awesome Series` authors: The Awesome Series was created by a team of local experts who are devoted to writing about the most interesting aspects of the country.

    About The Awesome Series: The Awesome Series' travel books are best selling in Ukraine since 2012. Loved by locals and visitors, they are a genuine take on the Ukrainian art, cities, culture, food and traditions.

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