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Awesome Ukraine is now on Instagram and Facebook

We are now sharing the best of Ukraine not just through our Awesome series books, but also on Awesome Ukraine page on Facebook and Instagram.


The first edition of Awesome Ukraine came out in 2012. In total there are now seven guides in the series on Ukraine, the cities in Ukraine, as well as digital developments in the country. We have sold over 60000 copies so far! Our books are about showing off the best of Ukraine, without pomp and circumstance or any hackneyed jingoism - it comes from a place of healthy patriotism with a dash of irony.
“The Awesome series are read all over the world: it’s become a cult project. We want to tell more about everything that is weird, beautiful and interesting about Ukraine, and that’s why we’ve made the account @awesomeukraine on Instagram and on Facebook,” says Dana Pavlychko, director of Osnovy Publishing.


In 2020 we will be releasing the first international guides in the series: Awesome Azerbaijan, Awesome Armenia, Awesome Kazakhstan, and Awesome Kyrgyzstan. All books are in English.

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