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A charitable project - ‘Girling Up. How To Be Strong, Smart and Spectacular’
In September 2018, together with LuckyBooks, we released a Ukrainian translation of the book ‘Girling Up’ by the star of the sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’, Mayim Bialik. This is a book about growing up for girls. All copies of the book will be given to Ukrainian libraries, free of charge.
Mayim Bialik is a famous actress and a doctor of philosophy and neurology. In 2017 she wrote a book for girls, called ‘Girling up. How to Be Strong, Smart and Spectacular’, in which she describes, in plain words, the physical and social aspects of growing up, with an acute mix of humour and scientific information, which we help girls feel more confident in themselves.
The Ukrainian version of this book came out this year [Divchatam slovo - yak buty sil’noyu, rozumnoyu ta nepovtornoyu’], its release being the initiative of the charitable organisation LuckyBooks.
Yelizaveta Korenko, coordinator of LuckyBooks commented: “Our job is spreading and publishing popular scientific literature for teenagers. When we found out about Mayim Bialik’s book, we realised that this was a unique find. This book aims to tell girls how, in the modern world, they can reach the top, overcome difficulties and form their own sense of identity. We are completely fulfilling these aims.”
Besides the usual chapters on emotions and feelings that you tend to find on fact books made for girls, the book reflects on life after school, about education and career plans, depression, religion, and charity, complemented by jokes and Bialik’s own real life stories.
The Ukrainian translation of the book was presented at the Publishers’ Forum in Lviv. The release of the book is a charitable project and in October copies will be given to libraries in the Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kherson, Luhansk, Zaporizhian and Dnipropetrovsk regions of Ukraine.
In March 2018 Mayim Bialik released a book for teenage boys called ‘Boying Up: How to Be Brave, Bold and Brilliant’.
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