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Preethaji and Krishnaji

The book will tell you how to get rid of anxiety and live in happiness and harmony with the help of four tools.

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The Four Sacred Secrets

The Four Sacred Secrets combines proven scientific approaches with ancient spiritual practices to take you on a journey that will open your mind to an extraordinary destiny. The book is about the transformation of human consciousness, the search for inner truth and the achievement of absolute unity with life.

Drawing on the power of our untapped consciousness, brilliant insights will help you find solutions to long-held challenges. The easy-to-follow meditations included in this book will transform your experience of reality and open you to the power of creating a beautiful life for yourself.

With four tools, that will draw your attention to specific aspects of your life, this book will help you to get rid of anxiety and other destructive states, and consciously live a happy life in harmony with the world.

The publication was supported by Sasha Dergousova and the team of O&O Academy in Ukraine.

Preethaji and Krishnaji

Preethaji and Krishnaji are transformational leaders and co-founders of the O&O Academy, a philosophy, wisdom and meditation school for transforming consciousness. They are the spiritual mentors to global leaders, Hollywood stars, successful businessmen, politicians and athletes from all over the world.

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