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Four Sacred Secrets”, an international bestseller on finding inner harmony, will be published in Ukrainian in 2020

Preethaji and Krishnaji are a couple of contemporary philosophers. They have founded a meditation school, O&O Academy, and act as spiritual mentors for Hollywood stars, business people, politicians and sportspeople all around the world. In 2019 their book Four Sacred Secrets was published and became a bestseller on Amazon, LA Today and US Today in a matter of weeks. In spring 2020 we will publish the Ukrainian translation of the book.

Four Sacred Secrets aims to teach people, using four paths to success, in order to lose their anxiety and live happily and peacefully. We spoke to Oleksandra Dergousova, one of the initiators for publishing this book in Ukraine and a close friend of O&O Academy. We asked Oleksandra whether one could gain wisdom from reading Four Sacred Secrets, on who a happy person is, and which scientific approaches could be combined with spiritual practices.




I am studying at O&O Academy, so the authors of Four Sacred Secrets have been my mentors for the last few years. Their book combines all the most important teachings with clear examples. Even if you’ve never heard about O&O Academy before, and are getting to know Preethaji and Krishnaji for the first time, your worldview will change after reading this book.


If we take a look at the life of anyone of us, we will see quite a lot of stress, anxiety, and fear of change. We are afraid to lose what we have while not getting what we want. We do not look after our inner world for our inner world and do something only because “we should do.” We spend a lot of time worrying about what others will say or think about us. With all of this, we are losing our real selves. We are also in a constant hurry and therefore quickly tire from our daily routine. We do not listen to ourselves and do not stop to think about what we are doing. I used to be like this and not to feel happy in the “here and now.”


Four Sacred Secrets introduced a quality change to my way of life. I have finally realised that life in a state of constant stress and dissatisfaction is not a life at all, it is only surviving. Even when we are being close with our closest people we are rarely coming close to them on a soul level. We are either floating elsewhere in our minds, or diving deep into our phones. Nowadays there are quite a lot of motivational books, but Four Sacred Secrets does not only inspire, but also provides practical methods. Using these, one can find guidance for a deep and meaningful life.


For instance, the authors combined the proven scientific methods with ancient spiritual practices. Easy-to-complete meditations included in this book allow one to transform one’s perception of reality and come closer to the happy and slow-paced life.
After receiving the wisdom of Preethaji and Krishnaji I discovered myself. I have learned to see things differently which used to bother me. I have become ready for changes and life challenges and have found importance in things that did not matter to be before. My whole environment changed, and so did the quality of relationships with those I love.

“I am grateful to this book for helping me find my inner truth. This inspired me to translate the book in order to share the knowledge of Preethaji and Krishnaji with wider audience.”

A happy person is a free person who feels love and unity with others. However, you can only become happy and free finding your inner truth, which will help you to move forward with passion, and give you more energy and sincere joy. Finding your inner truth is not easy, but this book will definitely help. In 2020 the translation of Four Sacred Secrets will be available at Yakaboo and many other bookshop sites.
The names of Preethaji and Krishnaji may seem unfamiliar to the Ukrainian audience, but they are well-known abroad. The team of OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) used to work regularly being guided by the wisdom lessons and meditations of Preethaji and Krishnaji. Among the students of O&O Academy are Usher Raymond and Gerard Butler. Preethaji and Krishnaji frequently speak at TEDx conferences all around the globe. Very soon you will be able to get your own copy of the wisdom and get to know four sacred secrets for everyday happiness. Follow our announcements for more info!
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