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Hervé Tullet

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Hervé Tullet 3 Books

Hervé Tullet book pack includes 3 books:

The Finger Sports Game: It’s time for the Finger Sports Game and the finger worms are very excited! Are you ready to compete too? Just draw two eyes and a mouth on your finger and ta-da! There you have it – your very own finger worm! Ready…Steady…Go!

The Game of Shapes: Curvy shapes, thin shapes, pointy shapes… Pile them up and see what happens! Layer upon layer of vibrant cutouts create a library of tactile, intriguing shapes, ideal for the youngest child to peek through, trace and explore.

The Game of Red, Yellow and Blue: Purple square, green circle and orange triangle are looking for their parents… Help them to find their families and learn all about what happens when red, yellow and blue get mixed up!

Hervé Tullet

Hervé Tullet published his first book for children in 1994 and is now recognized as one of the world's most innovative children's authors. Known in France as 'the prince of preschool books', Tullet takes the concept of reading to a new level, inviting young minds to think imaginatively, independently and creatively.

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