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Markus Brunnermeier, Harold James & Jean-Pierre Landau

The book about the economic future of Europe and its main currency – the euro

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The Euro and the Battle of Ideas

Why the euro, this remarkable monetary initiative of Europe, is in trouble now? A number of economic problems in Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy and other euro area countries have forced analysts to think about the possibility of survival of the currency union. The authors of this book think that the issue with the euro is the philosophical differences between the eurozone founders, Germany and France. The book shows how to reconcile these incompatible approaches to ensure the survival of Europe.

The Euro and the Battle of Ideas combines economic analysis and historical reflections, offers an analytical study of the road map of the future of Europe.

Ukrainian edition of the book is published in collaboration with the ICU books

Markus Brunnermeier, Harold James & Jean-Pierre Landau

Markus K. Brunnermaier is a professor of Economics at Princeton University and is the director of Princeton’s Bendheim Center for Finance. Harold James is a professor of History and International Relations and professor of European Studies at Princeton University. Jean-Pierre Landau is a former deputy chairman of the Bank of France and and a adjunct professor of economics at Science Po in Paris.

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