Books about books



A book is always more than just text. Our editor Anastasia Denisenko chose three books about publishing.


Aldo Manuzio Renaissance in Venice

This edition was created in 2016 specially for the eponymous exhibition at the Academy Gallery, Venice. The book is about the publishing business of the great Aldo Manuzio, who worked at the beginning of the XVI century.



Manuzio promoted a creative approach and well thought out design. Не based his publishing business in Venice with intentions to print classic Greek texts. Aldo Manuzio invited famous philologists as editors to make books more popular. So it is one point more about his good managing skills.


In 1501 he presented a new format of books – (format of edition in the size of eighth part of the printing paper), a text set in italics. Elegant books with wide fields and high-quality layout were convenient to be read on travel, at home or to share with other humanists.



Książka do zrobienia

This is an interactive Polish edition about all stages of book creation: from idea to the moment when a printer has already printed a book.

Last year Książka do zrobienia received the award in the Art Books category at the most prestigious children's book exhibition in Bologna. The author of the idea is the artist and writer Aleksandra Cieślak.

Readers of her books get a unique experience of co-authors. They can write into the book their ideas about inspiration, expressiveness tools, a relation between words and images. Such books allow readers to make own exploration about chaos turning into a harmonious composition.


Jak Zrobić Książkę?

A book that is nice to hold in your hands can be created and read by everyone. Artists and designers from the Warsaw studio Peryferie are convicted in this.

They not only create wonderful books that Manuzio would approve, but also teach those who are interested in the workshops. Moreover, Peryferie edit beautiful publication, printed as limited editions, using the method of risography. Jak Zrobić Książkę? is a tiny illustrated guide that summarizes sacred knowledge: from historical statement till advice about book publishing.

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