How To Sell Ukraine as a Brand?


Art director of Osnovy Publishing Anna Kopylova talks about the Awesome Ukraine series.

What do foreigners know about Ukraine? Shevchenko, Chornobyl, Euromadian Revolution, Klichko brothers, maybe something a bit more. Once Dana Pavlychko and I decided to change such way of things. We wanted to show it in all such different beauty, without pathos, but with irony and healthy patriotism. Books is what we can make in the best way, so with their help we started to embody our wish.
We named books of Awesome series as guides, although it is difficult to determine their genre. Probably they are ironic dictionaries about things and places that we do love in Ukraine, about everything interesting in cities.
The book Awesome Ukraine is the first of series. Six years has already passed since its release. Now we have made 5 reissues of that book.
Firstly we were just three people worked on books: Dana, graphic designer and I. Now on each new edition work nearly 15 people: illustrators, designers, researchers, authors and translators. Ideal English language is really important for us. Visual content has not the less value.

Except Awesome Ukraine, series includes guidebooks of Lviv, Odessa and Kyiv. We are going to publish book about Dnipro in May and about Kharkiv in the summer. We have already sold nearly 40 thousand copies of Awesome books. It is really a lot for Ukrainian book business.
We are proud to create a new image of our country. We show real Ukraine: with Kiev Pechersk Lavra and Closer techno-club, with traditional borsсh and good vegan food. We use our features, the post-Soviet charm in particular, as advantages of Ukraine
Awesome guides are really what you need, if you want to learn more about Ukraine. Ukraine is so awesome! That is why we decided to tell about it as about the brand.
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