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A beautiful short film in support of upcoming book Soviet Modernism. Brutalism. Post-modernism. Buildings and Projects in Ukraine 1960–1990

In May 2019, Osnovy Publishing and DOM publishers will present Soviet Modernism, Brutalism, Post-Modernism: Buildings and Projects in Ukraine from 1960 –1990 a book about Soviet-era architecture in Ukraine.


MinimalMovie.com., a Kyiv-based production company, were inspired by the topic of Ukrainian Brutalism and made a short film in support of the upcoming book.   
This short represents Kyiv’s eclectic architectural beauty. Unfortunately, we might be seeing the last of the buildings in the film. Many Modernist and Brutalist gems are in danger of being destroyed by developers building new housing and shopping malls. The famous “UFO Building”, featured in the short, is Ukraine’s Institute of Scientific, Technical and Economic Information and State Scientific and Technical Library. It is in risk of being swallowed up by a new mall next door.

Director of Photography Mikhail Volkov used a vintage lens (made in beginning of the 70s in the Soviet Union) in combination with a japanese vintage anamorphic lense. This setup made the picture not very sharp, very light, with warm anamorphic flares. And the fixed focal length of 75 mm encouraged a sense of intimacy between the audience and the filmed objects. Roman Blazhan, the film’s director, said the aim was to create a meditative experience which will lead one to notice modernist structures in everyday life. Music for the film was composed by Oleksandr Cherepanov from Horizon Music Studio.
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