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How we created My Museum?
In the Summer of 2018, Osnovy Publishing launched an interactive children’s book about art. My Museum is an exciting collection of interesting tasks and activities, developed alongside the National Art Museum of Ukraine (NAMU). Here’s a little about the creative process behind My Museum:


Anna Kopylova,

art-director of Osnovy Publishing

The Ukrainian book market has a lot of blank spots. Our task is to create original, quality content, especially when we’re talking about children’s literature. That’s why we colaborate with museums.
Our first project of this kind was our ABC book illustrated with the masterpieces of art, graphics, sculpture and decorative art from the collection of the National museum of Arts named after Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko in Kyiv.

We’re glad to see children enjoy doing tasks from My Museum. We want kids to take their parents by the hand and say: Let’s go to the real museum now.

Olya Balashova,

deputy general director of development of NAMU

How do we attract kids to museums? Offer them an opportunity to create their own! That’s exactly what we did with My Museum. Children (and their parents, too, by the way) can interact with NAMU’s art space. We used reproductions of 52 artistic works, parts of the NAMU exhibitions, for this activity-book.
My Museum is recommended for children 7 to 15 years old. I find that surrounding kids with art is key to raising them. Being in a museum atmosphere is useful even for toddlers, and our book teaches little explorers to understand visual culture. NAMU has interactive educational programs that allow kids to be immersed in art from a young age. One of these is a museum-wide quest, based on My Museum.
NAMU is the most modern Ukrainian museum. In our museum, we have lecturers and educational programs, audio-guides narrated by celebrities, augmented reality, awesome exhibition projects and now, an incredible activity book.

Zakentiy Horobyov,

art-director of Hooga.Design studio

Our team was inspired by the idea of an interactive children’s book about a museum and its art. My Museum’s task was to acquaint children with visual art through a game, allow them to imagine themselves as artists.
We didn’t want to limit children’s creativity, so many elements of the book are just contours. We decided to leave a lot of empty space, so that kids could color the book in, make it their own. To make the book stand out, we added one bright color.

Personally, it was fascinating to work on a project for kids. I’m convinced that children have a much more elastic intelligence than we, adults, do. The playful form of My Museum is perfect for educating and equipping kids with new knowledge. Little readers invent themselves: they have an incredible imagination, which shouldn’t be limited in its creativity. We should only attempt to give direction to their motion.

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