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The books present the comprehensive study of postwar Soviet architecture and Soviet monumental mosaics.

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Soviet Modernism, Brutalism, Post-Modernism and Decommunized: Ukrainian Soviet Mosaics

The set includes two books:

Soviet Modernism. Brutalism. Post-Modernism. Buildings and Structures in Ukraine 1955-1991

Based on large-scale research, the book offers a rethinking of postwar Soviet architecture, with Alex Bykov’s photographs documenting buildings in their current state and Ievgeniia Gubkina’s criticism and analysis giving an unexpected spin on the multifaceted modernist architectural movement, putting it in its correct global, historical and political context.

Project partner Soviet Modernism, Brutalism, Post-Modernism: Buildings and Projects in Ukraine from 1955 -1991 ICG Kovalska.

Decommunized: Ukrainian Soviet Mosaics

This book offers the first comprehensive study of Soviet monumental mosaics, outstanding artifacts of the cultural heritage of the era.

Kyiv-based photographer Yevgen Nikiforov spent three years traveling all around Ukraine in search of the most interesting art pieces of the 1950s–1980s within the context of Soviet Modernism.

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