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Olesya Gerashchenko (Shambur)

The book explores reflections of the modern art community regarding the events in Ukraine during the Revolution of Dignity and the war with Russia, revealing the potential of art in resolving social conflicts.

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SubСonscious Art. Artistic reflections. Ukraine after 2013

The book contains over fifty interviews with artists, curators, and art critics, who talk about their reactions to contemporary events in Ukraine as citizens and as artists. Together with the author, they reflect on the transformational power of art in resolving social conflicts and the role of the artist in this process. The book exists at several levels of apprehension: at the level of artistic image, artistic reflection and documentary evidence. For those who want to know and understand modern Ukraine, the book offers to do so using the most direct and universal language of artistic imaging.

 The book includes over 100 reproductions of visual works that have been provided by the courtesy of artists, Ukrainian museums, and private galleries.

“Artists who record the overstrain of the present leave behind the artifacts for future cultural archaeologists. Socially engaged artists practice art because they understand the urgency of the situation, but even those artists who claim that they do not address the theme of war demonstrate the opposite in their works. It is this zone of conscious and subconscious artistic influence that creates the environment of this book.”

“Art has the creative potential to explore and to heal, as well as the power to build relationships. It becomes a bridge not only to the inner world of the individual, but also to the dynamic landscape of relationships between people, families, communities and nations. Art combines a collective narrative that embraces testimonies of suffering, loss, conflict, and discrimination, and providing the weakest to be heard. It is able to create a sense of security, within which there is a place for understanding, reunification and forgiveness”—Olesya Gerashchenko (Shambur)

Olesya Gerashchenko (Shambur)

Olesya Gerashchenko (Shambur) is a researcher in culturology at the NaUKMA Doctoral School, a research fellow at the Mediation and Dialogue Research Center, a founder of the Ukrainian Center for Concordance, and co-author of the research “Nature of Future Conflicts” by The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies.

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