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Set books Fables by Phaedrus and Forest Song

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Set Fables by Phaedrus and Forest Song

Classic fables by the ancient Roman poet Phaedrus. These stories were told by Lafontaine, Skovoroda, Krylov, and Glibov. But the classis text remained important during centuries capturing the very essence of the human nature that remains unchanged through demise of empires, disappearance of religions, changing notions of the world. Illustrations by Polina Doroshenko. Translated from Latin by Volodymyr Lytvynov.

But what appears of mean design,
At any rate they’ll vouch for mine.
These in a word I would refute:
Whether of great or no repute.


Talented artist Polina Dorochenko breathed a new life into the classical work. Her imaginative illustrations provide a new perspective on the magical world of Ukrainian myths and legends that once inspired Lesia Ukrainka to create an immortal love story of village boy Lukash and forest beauty Mavka. Three Ukrainian books got featured in the international White Ravens Catalogue, which is an inventory of best children titles from over 40 world countries.

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