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Maksym Kotsiuba from Ukrainian Young Book Design Awards and Acer Ukraine on Art and Technology

Launched in 2019 by Osnovy Publishing and L/Y Studio (ex Hooga.design), Ukrainian Young Book Design Awards is more than just a design contest. We believe that it serves as a venue that allows young professionals to showcase their talents to the world and in itself is a major boon to the development of the book designer community overall.

In 2020 we received almost 400 entries from young designers of Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, Austria, Portugal, and many other countries; with the shortlist of the best 20 announced back in August.


Today art is impossible without technology and we felt that notion truly realized in the entries we received where young professionals took full advantage of its benefits to fulfill their most daring ideas. And we thought, Why not turn our attention to the technology and its influence on creative industries professionals? A right tech is a powerful tool for development. It enables artists to just be artists and not to constantly concern themselves with how to implement their ideas.


Acer and their new ConceptD laptop lineup fully support this idea and that is why we created videos on the close relationship between art and technology together. One of our protagonists is Maksym Kotsiuba, landscape architect, head and founder of KOTSIUBA landscape architecture bureau.



Maksym says that landscape architecture, as is the case with all public and urban spaces, is always a challenging undertaking because harmony dwells on many constituent elements: street furniture, small kiosks, landscaping itself, buildings’ facades, and coffee shop patios. An architect has to work with a lot of data: drafted projects, and references alike. Therefore, it is essential for your tech to keep up, to display colors in your renders accurately, and be durable enough to withstand work on the go. Watch a video where Maksym talks about his experience in detail:



Acer ConceptD 3 easily manages all tasks encountered by architects: its powerful NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650Ti graphics chipset and 9th or 10th-gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor ensure versatile operation. The light (starting at 1.38 kg) and durable chassis are made of aluminum, and the ceramic coating maintains it stainless even during heavy outdoor use.


The quality screen is one of the principal features essential for designers. You can choose between 14” or 15.6” variants. The screen is meticulously adapted for professional use: its IPS display is factory-calibrated to achieve PANTONE® certification with DCI-P3 color gamut coverage of 100% and color accuracy of Delta E <2.


While working with multiple applications, speed and quality are essential for architects. With its processor, and the addition of shortcut keys for designers, which allow to streamline minimization or to switch between application windows quickly, and the battery capacity that yields up to 20 (!) hours of usage enable ConceptD 3 to maintain productivity for the longest time.


The optimized cooling system not only guarantees that all integral components will stay cool even during continuous workloads but that you will also work in complete silence. Noise ceiling under load will never exceed 40 dB, which is important not only when working at home but also at the office. Your comfortable everyday work is further boosted by hyperfast Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), a wide range of connectivity options (like USB Type-C™), and ConceptD Palette UI proprietary software.




Technology not only helps to bring the most courageous ideas to life but also to do so in the utmost comfort. We found that for ourselves while working with Acer and too can confidently say: “Let Creators be Creators,” and innovations will take care of everything else.


The pricing and more information on Acer ConceptD 3 can be found here.


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