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Solomia Pavlychko

Any conversation about Agathangel of Crimea starts with the list of extraordinary facts of his tremendous knowledge

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Nationalism, sexuality, orientalism. The complicated world of Agathangel Krymsky

This book on Ukrainian culture is the world of true-life stories, where at every instance we see the heroic deeds of the world famous Orientalist Agathangel Krymsky, and his life drama on the personal, national, social, and political levels. Presented in this book as an outstanding intellectual, Agathangel Krymsky was executed during Stalin’s repressions, and was almost forgotten at the time of writing this monograph. Written in dainty style so typical to her prose, this fundamental, painstaking and relatively recent work of Solomia Pavlychko is the paragon of academic research, yet interesting and fathomable for non-academic reader.

Solomia Pavlychko

Solomia Pavlychko was a Professor of Literature, a critic and a translator. She was one of the brightest representatives of her generation of academics, who, at the end of the 1980s, were changing the methodology of the Ukrainian humanitaristics, breaking stereotypes, taboos, and ideological dogmas.

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