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Ukrainian science is pretty cool! Osnovy Publishing presented a new book on Ukrainian scientists

How many Ukrainian scientists can you name? Do you find the idea of a career in science as something boring or unimaginative?

On the 20th December 2019 Osnovy Publishing, together with Farmak pharmaceutical company, presented the book "Буде тобі наука: українські науковці, які змінюють світ" (You Will Learn. Ukrainian Scientists Who Change the World) Ukrainian journalist and showman Yurii Marchenko is the author of the book and presents several problems in modern science: the lack of awareness about modern scientists, and stereotypes about ‘unnecessary science’ are only a couple of examples. In our book we want to overcome these stereotypes and explain how Ukrainian scientists live and work.


The book consists of 30 stories of Ukrainian scientists who are already known for their discoveries and achievements. Each of them is a fan of their craft and believes in the importance of scientific advances. Mathematicians, physicists, biologists, archaeologists, and other researchers tell the story of why they chose a career in science, why they have kept working in it, and how science inspires them today.


In partnership with Farmak JSC


Photos: Andrii Pylypets


Video by Minimal Movie

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