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Kevin Hancock

A corporate executive discovers a new pathway to organizational excellence built on the premise of dispersed power and shared leadership.

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The Seventh Power

In the story that follows, Kevin Hancock travels over 15,000 miles, from his hometown in Casco, Maine, to a remote Indian charter school on the edge of the Colorado Plateau, and eventually all the way to Kyiv, Ukraine. This unexpected journey was a puzzle filled with clues about the nature of “power” and how it might be used more carefully and shared more broadly. Along the way he encounters a collection of inspiring individuals and exceptional communities that are transforming the traditional framework of leadership, followership, and organizational excellence. These encounters ultimately blossom into a series of insights as to how CEOs and other leaders might elegantly break down the planet’s entrenched, topdown governance model in favor of a new playbook for heightened human engagement, hallmarked by shared leadership, dispersed power, and respect for all voices.

"Powerful. Genuine. Transformative. Those three words sum up the wisdom and humanity that Kevin shares in The Seventh Power. By focusing on the intrinsic value of individuals, his vision and examples of shared leadership from organizations worldwide make this the rare leadership book that effectively transcends and challenges the traditional top-down management model. If you're looking for a fresh, authentic take on how a company can power up its people, its value to society, and its performance, you've found it." — Rick Schumacher, LBM Journal.

Kevin Hancock

Kevin Hancock is the CEO of Hancock Lumber Company, one of the oldest and best known family businesses in America. The company, led collectively by its 550 employees, is a six-time recipient of the Best Places To Work In Maine award. The company is also a past recipient of the Maine Family Business of the Year award, the Governor’s Award for Business Excellence, the Exporter of the Year award, and the ProSales National Dealer of the Year award.

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