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Stefan Hertmans

Story about the life of author's grandfather Urbain Martien and his participation in the First World War

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War and Turpentine

Urbain Martien was still a young man when the First World War ended. He had only just finished his studies at the military academy and begun work at a factory, spending his spare time busy painting. Meanwhile, he was writing his memories about his childhood, the war, and about the love of his life in his diary, which after his death he left to his nephew, Stefan.

Upon reading his uncle’s diary, Stefan Hertmans — one of Belgium’s most popular writers of today — decided to make a book out of it. War and Turpentine was subsequently released in 2013. Since then has become popular in sixteen countries, and The Guardian has pronounced it a future classic.

The book has gained strong recognition in the literary society and was awarded the Fintro Literature Prize and ECI Literatuurprijs.

This book was published with the support of Flanders Literature (flandersliterature.be).

Stefan Hertmans

Stefan Hertmans is a Belgian writer, most popular in the Dutch language range.

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