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Creative Corporation WE BAD from Ukrainian Young Book Design Awards and Acer Ukraine on Art and Technology

Launched in 2019 by Osnovy Publishing and L/Y Studio (ex Hooga.design), Ukrainian Young Book Design Awards is more than just a design contest. We believe that it serves as a venue that allows young professionals to showcase their talents to the world and in itself is a major boon to the development of the book designer community overall.

In 2020 we received almost 400 entries from young designers of Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, Austria, Portugal, and many other countries; with the shortlist of the best 20 announced back in August.


Today art is impossible without technology and we felt that notion truly realized in the entries we received where young professionals took full advantage of its benefits to fulfill their most daring ideas. And we thought, Why not turn our attention to the technology and its influence on creative industries professionals? A right tech is a powerful tool for development. It enables artists to just be artists and not to constantly concern themselves with how to implement their ideas.


Acer and their new ConceptD laptop lineup fully support this idea and that is why we created videos on the close relationship between art and technology together. Two of our protagonists are artists and founders of WE BAD creative corporation – Lera Schemka and Max Pavliuk.



Lera and Max say that they work in diverse forms and formats on the daily basis – create animation, design books, or paint murals. Thus, their work is done primarily by hand, on paper, or right on the wall. But that does not mean there is no place for technology in their workflow. In this case, it feels amazing when the gadget gives you a complete experience of sketching on real paper, with colors being fresh and juicy too. Watch a video where both artists talk about their experience in detail:



ConceptD 7 Ezel laptop from Acer has been designed with artists and illustrators in mind! It has a unique chassis capable of working in four different modes with its Ezel hinge. The hinge drives a 4K UHD PANTONE® -validated display which supports 100% of Adobe® RGB color gamut and has color accuracy of Delta E <2.


The laptop supports stylus pen input: Wacom EMR Pen guarantees a natural and intuitive feel of sketching on paper, Gorilla Glass 6 protective surface protects the screen from mechanical damage, and thanks to 4096 pressure-levels, the EMR Pen emulates the liquid ink to the utmost degree – creating the ideal combination for artists!


Thanks to 10th-gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2080 SUPER™ graphics with Max-Q Design, the laptop will easily run professional software from Adobe®, Autodesk or Corel®.


The laptop chassis is made of space-grade magnesium-aluminum alloy which is 35% lighter than aluminum while being four times as durable, allowing maintain the weight at only 2.5 kg and thickness at 22 mm, while boasting with 15.6” screen. The ceramic coating preserves the chassis in pristine condition even after heavy outdoor use.



While working with multiple applications, often in a rush, the laptop needs to stay cool and silent. Specially for ConceptD 7 Ezel, a Vortex Flow cooling system was developed, which creates a unique “vortex” inside the chassis thanks to a combination of 4th-gen AeroBlade™ 3D fans and cutting-edge technologies. The resulting flow allows for the laptop to maintain ambient noise at less than 40 dB. The device stays cool and thus – silent.



Two ThunderBolt™ 3 ports capable of 40 Gbit/s bandwidth allow for several simultaneously-connected 4K displays, enabling you to work with even the largest projects where every detail is important. The fingerprint-reading power button ensures imperceptible and reliable safety of your saved data.


Technology not only helps to bring the most courageous ideas to life but also to do so in the utmost comfort. We found that for ourselves while working with Acer and too can confidently say: “Let Creators be Creators,” and innovations will take care of everything else.


The pricing and more information on Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel can be found here.


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