Everyday aesthetics: The Book of Chill for Sleeper

A mix of beauty and sense on the pages of a photo book about happiness and love

We love to help brands tell their stories. Especially when these stories are about aesthetics, love and hedonism.

In 2019, together with the international clothing brand Sleeper we created the aesthetic photo book The Book of Chill. This is a book about the feeling of happiness and freedom, care and love that two people can give each other. You will definitely want to put this photo book on a prominent spot at your place and revise it from time to time.

The cover for the book was created by Masha Reva.

The book begins with an acknowledgment to 107 people who influenced the development of the brand…

… and continues with photos about love and happiness.

The photo book could have become the usual catalog of the brand’s clothes, but it became a piece of art about emotions, beauty, vitality and energy. Want us to tell your story? Drop us a line.

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