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Osnovy is more than a publishing house. For almost thirty years we have been making important and beautiful books. We also help businesses tell stories.

Together with businesses we have been publishing books about art, economics, education, urbanism and politics. We also make impactful media campaigns that help businesses promote their values.

Every single book we make is special and our projects receive a lot of attention. We use many platforms for communication: social media, print and online publications. We create exciting events. We reach an audience of over 500,000 people every month.

We have an outstanding team, that makes our books exceptional. When creating books, we work with the most inspiring illustrators, designers, photographers and marketers. Our clients are Sleeper, Interpipe Steel, ZEO Alliance, PBG Kovalska, UNICEF, ТIC and many others.

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Corporate Sales and Partnerships: ilovebooks@osnovypublishing.com

Phone: +38 044 331 02 49

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