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Sasha Maslov

39,00 грн

Alex Bykov, Oleksandr Burlaka, Sasha Kurmaz

39,00 грн

Preethaji and Krishnaji

15,00 грн

Lizaveta Herman, Olha Balashova

99,00 грн

Oleksandr Burlaka

39,00 грн

Hanna Kopylova

15,00 грн

Hanna Kopylova, Bohdana Pavlychko

45,00 грн40,00 грн

Norman Davies

35,00 грн
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Osnovy Publishing was founded by Bohdan Krawchenko and Solomiya Pavlychko in Kyiv in 1992. Over the past twenty years, Osnovy published over three hundred titles. Today, Osnovy makes books with unique content and design, conceived and created by Ukrainian authors, designers and illustrators. From beautifully crafted coffee table books to a range of children’s books and fun travel guides.

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Five unusual brutalist buildings in Ukraine

Explore some lesser-known, brutalist gems from the far corners of Ukraine, gathered up in our list. Through the lens of Alex Bykov....

My big concrete love. Brutalist aesthetic

How can it be possible to admire a “concrete castle”? What is hidden behind the “cold-hearted” appearance of brutalist structures?...

Ukrainian Railroad Ladies: how it all began

The author of the Ukrainian Railroad Ladies—Sasha Maslov—talks about his latest photo project....

The Soviet brutalist heritage: how we should deal with concrete giants left behind

A model of bad taste for some and exclusive architectural gems for others — Soviet brutalist buildings are still carrying its “bone of contention” stigma, arousing hot arguing over their future....

Church domes with apartment blocs in the background. What does modern sacral architecture in Ukraine mean?

Orthodox Chic is the second book in a series of visual explorations of architecture and urban space in independent Ukraine. We’re sharing part of the book’s foreword with you. ...

Everyday aesthetics: The Book of Chill for Sleeper

A mix of beauty and sense on the pages of a photo book about happiness and love....

The project which made Ukrainians proud of their modernist architecture

How we created the short film to support the book Soviet Modernism. Brutalism. Post-Modernism. Buildings and Structures in Ukraine 1955-1991 and made Ukrainians proud of their modernist architecture....

Ukrainian science is pretty cool! Our presentation on a new book on modern Ukrainian scientists

What the book Here Is Your Science: Ukrainian Scientists Who Change the World is about and how we presented it at JSC Farmak ...

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